My Sister's Book Keeper was created by two sisters who were reading a lot of books and sharing those titles with each other.  At times we would forget to tell each other about the book so we decided to start a way to communicate our recommended reading list with each other.  Both of us have read various books that the other sister recommended but we are secretly in competition to see who can review the most number of books!  You will find a wide variety of genres on our blog-anywhere from picture books to memoirs to chick lit to historical fiction to mysteries.

A little about us
Growing up we were close and loved to play together.  Marcie was an avid reader, Becky was not.  High school happened and we were a little less close due to the separate interests.  Again, Marcie was an avid reader and Becky was not.  Sometime in late high school/early college, Becky's aunt introduced her to historical romance novels and that got her started with addiction for reading.  We grew closer in college and have remained close sisters into adulthood.  Unfortunately we now live 2 hours apart; we see each other as often as we can and we chat on the phone almost daily.  Marcie continues to be an avid reader and Becky has learned to love reading!


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Becky is an elementary school bilingual teacher who works mainly with fifth and sixth graders.  She is married to a PhD student in music education.  They have two children- twin boy and girl.  Becky loves to read (obviously!), digital scrapbook, sing (in the privacy of her own car and sometimes home), play niche board games, socialize with her moms of multiples friends, and bake new recipes found on Pinterest.  Becky runs a very small book club with some of her moms of multiples friends.  Becky's favorite genres for reading are historical fiction, book club books, women's fiction, memoirs, young adult fiction, and dystopian fiction.  Becky tends to go in spurts of reading various books of the same genre and then switches to another genre.  Reading children's picture books is also on her list as her children love to listen to stories and they often read the same silly books over and over again!

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Things that drive Becky nuts as a reader:
-having a carrot dangled in front of her nose while reading a book and not getting it until the very end
-being left hanging at the conclusion of a book
-main characters that are entirely unlikable

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