Sunday, August 11, 2013


by Rosamund Lupton

Genre: Mystery

Synopsis:  There is a fire and they are in there. They are in there...

Black smoke stains a summer blue sky. A school is on fire. And one mother, Grace, sees the smoke and rush. She knows her teenage daughter Jenny is inside. She runs into the burning building to rescue her.

Afterwards Grace must find the identity of the arsonist and protect her children from the person who's still intent on destroying them. Afterwards, she must fight the limits of her physical strength and discover the limitlessness of love.

Review:  Rosamund Lupton does it again.  She has written such a captivating book that you can't put the book down!  This book is about what happens after there was a fire in Grace's children's school and the search for the arsonist.  It's also about the relationship between Grace and her daughter Jenny.  Both Grace and Jenny are injured in the fire and they are spirits throughout the book (no, they did not die but their bodies are hurt).  The story moves quickly as Grace and Jenny are trying to discover what exactly happened and who did it while Sarah, Jenny's aunt is trying to figure out who did it as well.  But this is more than a mystery.  It really is a beautiful story about love between a mother and daughter, a mother and son and a husband and wife.  This story makes you feel deeply for the characters and the struggles they are going through.  You definitely may need some tissues throughout the story.

Rating: 4 stars

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