Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Bad Day for Sorry

A Bad Day for Sorry
Sophie Littlefield

A Bad Day for Sorry (Bad Day, #1)

Genre: Mystery

Summary (from Goodreads):  Stella Hardesty, our salty, unlikely heroine, runs a sewing shop in rural Missouri. She also has a side business helping battered women with their abusive boyfriends and husbands. When Chrissy Shaw asks Stella for help, it seems like a straightforward case, until Chrissy’s no-good husband disappears with her two-year-old son. Now Stella finds herself in a battle against a more formidable enemy as she risks her own life to recover the boy

Review: This was a very interesting premise for a book - an older woman helps abused women escape from their relationships by threatening their husbands.  It reminded me so much of a menopausal country-hick Stephanie Plum, except not nearly as funny, and I think that's why I am only rating it 3 stars.  If I could have avoided the comparisons to Evanovich's characters and escapades, I would probably have rated this 4 stars.  I was also a little turned off by the things that Stella had done to some of the men, although thankfully they were implied and not described.  I thought the men deserved all the trouble she caused them, but I found it unlikely that she would be able to do all those things herself.  I am interested enough that I may check out another book in this series.

Rating: 3 stars

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