Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Blondes

The Blondes
by Emily Schultz

Genre: Distopian Fiction

Synopsis: The Blondes is a hilarious and whip-smart novel where an epidemic of a rabies-like disease is carried only by blonde women, all of whom must go to great lengths to conceal their blondness.

Hazel Hayes is a grad student living in New York City.  As the novel opens, she learns she is pregnant (from an affair with her married professor) at an apocalyptically bad time: random but deadly attacks on passersby, all by blonde women, are terrorizing New Yorkers.  Soon it becomes clear that the attacks are symptoms of a strange illness that is transforming blondes-whether CEOs, flight attendants, students, or accountants-into rabid killers.
from the book jacket

Review: Being blonde myself, the cover and description of the book caught from a table in the library as I walked by.  This book seemed quirky and light, something is right up my alley.  I tried to read the first chapter but time seemed to jump around and I didn't know who the characters and it really threw me off from enjoying the book.  So I put it down for a couple weeks.  Once I reread the first chapter a couple times and forced myself to get past it, I started to understand more of what was going on and there was less time jumping.  I kept reading because I thought something would happen.  Once the attacks started to happen there was a little bit more action but still not enough for me.  Hazel spent most of her time moping about the married professor, Karl.  There were quite a few unanswered questions in the story that I wish we knew the answers to.  There was just too much lacking in this book for me to like it.

Rating: 2 stars

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