Tuesday, February 12, 2013

These Girls

These Girls
by Sarah Pekkanen

These Girls

Genre: Chick Lit

Review:  This was an easy to read, moderately interesting story about three friends living in New York City.  Two girls are involved in the magazine publishing industry, so of course the book touches on beauty, weight and glamor (three topics about which I am not very interested in reading).  The third girl ran away from a nanny job, for reasons which don't get explained until very late in the book.  I felt like the author was cramming too many issues in each girl's life to be believable; is it realistic for one girl to have to deal with discovering a long lost half-sister, parents possibly separating, weight insecurity, diet pills, illness, unrequited love, making new friends, and job competition all in one relatively short book?  The character development was hit-or-miss; Cate, especially, did not seem to have much of a personality, and her back story was uninteresting.  In addition, I didn't think the characters made choices that fit with their personalities; I just couldn't see Abby behaving in that way, or Cate making the decision she made at the end of the book.

Perhaps I am just growing out of chick lit books...

Rating: 3 stars

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