Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Book of Rachael

The Book of Rachael
by Leslie Cannold

Genre: Historical Fiction

Synopsis:  If Jesus of Nazareth had a sister, she is lost to history.  So Leslie Cannold has imagined her...

Rachael is intelligent, rebellious and passionate.  She wants many things from life, most of them either forbidden or dangerous.  To read and write, to learn the skills of healing; to marry as she choses.

But when she falls in love with her brother's best friend Judah of Iscariot, the word 'danger' takes on a new meaning.  For even as Rachael strives to attain her heart's desires, events are unfolding around her that will change the world forever.
From the back of the book

Review:  I almost abandoned this book but decided to keep reading because I was intrigued by the concept of reading about Jesus' sister. I loved The Red Tent and loved reading about Biblical times.  But I was so turned off by the portrayal of Biblical characters that it made it hard to keep reading.  The author changed character's names from what we know them to be, including Jesus' name.  Some of what the author did seemed sacrilegious to me-her portrayal of Mary and more.  There were also parts of the book that were confusing to me and I felt like I was missing information that I needed to know in order to comprehend the book.  The book did pick up towards the end but it was still not as interesting as I had hoped it to be.

Rating: 2 stars

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