Sunday, May 11, 2014

Little Girl Lost

Little Girl Lost
by Brian McGilloway

Genre: Mystery

Synopsis:  Midwinter. A child is found wandering in an ancient woodland, her hands covered in blood. But it is not her own.

Unwilling, or unable, to speak, the only person she seems to trust is the young officer who rescued her, Detective Sergeant Lucy Black. Soon afterwards, DS Black is baffled to find herself suddenly moved from a high-profile case involving the kidnapping of another girl, a prominent businessman's teenage daughter. 

Black's problems are not only professional: she's caring for her increasingly unstable father, and trying to avoid conflict with her frosty mother - who also happens to be the Assistant Chief Constable. As she struggles to identify the unclaimed child, Black begins to realise that her case and the kidnapping may be linked by events that occurred during the grimmest days of the country's recent history - events that also defined her own troubled childhood.

Little Girl Lost is a devastating crime thriller about corruption, greed and vengeance, and a father's love for his daughter.
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Review:  At first this book drove me nuts with the choice of words.  The book is in English but at times it didn't seem like I was reading English!  There were quite a few words that I don't use and that didn't seem to be right "kerb" for curb, "tyre" for tire, "woodland" instead of forest, "windscreen" instead of windshield, "float" instead of truck.  It was very distracting and didn't allow me to read fluently as I had to stop to try to figure out what the words mean.  I also had no idea what the departments in the police where and the author didn't explain the acronyms. As the action picked up, I noticed the vocabulary less and less (I think it also wasn't as prevalent either).  This book was a typical police mystery with a strong heroine.  It was a fast read but somewhat predictable.  I had expected more of a thriller but it was much more a mystery.

Rating:  3 stars

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