Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Magical Animal Adoption Agency: Clover's Luck

Clover's Luck
author: Kallie George
illustrator: Alexandra Bolger

The Magical Animal Adoption Agency, Book 1: Clover's Luck

Genre: Chapter Book

Summary (from Goodreads): The first in a chapter book series starring an unlucky girl named Clover who accepts a volunteer position at a magical animal adoption agency.
Review:  (Review by Amelia)  This book is about a girl named Clover who is really unlucky until she finds a magical animal adoption agency and she starts helping there.  She meets fairy sized horses, unicorns, a firefly under a curse as a toad, a fire salamader, and even a dragon.  She helps the toad find her home because she was put under a curse, and Clover found the toad's owner.  Twice there was a mean witch who steals stuff from the animal agency; she cut off some of the unicorn's tale and she cut off one of the dragon's claws.  The witch thinks Clover is unlucky, so she puts some of her blood into a potion that she thinks will make people unlucky.  But then Clover figures out that she is lucky because when the witch squirts some of the magic potion at a cat, the cat turns green, which is the color of a lucky clover.  Then Clover throws the pot of potion at the witch, and when the witch is saying bad spells (like telling bees to strike) they turn into nice spells (like the bees turn into rainbows and butterflies).  When the owner of the AAA came back, he had an egg that would hatch into another animal.

This book was really good because Clover got to find lots of magical animals like unicorns.  I liked Clover because she was a nice person who helped animals find their homes.  She is also helpful and brave and never gives up.  This book had funny parts, like when the witch was pretending to be a princess.  My favorite part was when Clover found out that she was lucky after all.  I read this book twice in a row because it was super duper good.  I would recommend this book to kids who like magical animals.

Rating: 100 thousand million stars

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