Monday, October 14, 2013

Cindy Ellen

Cindy Ellen
by Susan Lowell
Illustrated by Jane Manning

Genre: Fairy Tale/Fractured Fairy Tale

Synopsis:  Once upon a time, there was a sweet cowgirl named Cindy Ellen, who lived with the orneriest stepmother west of the Mississippi and two stepsisters who were so nasty, they made rattlesnakes look nice! But when a fast-talkin' fairy godmother teaches Cindy Ellen a little lesson about gumption, Cindy lassos first place at the rodeo and the heart of Joe Prince....

You may think you've heard the story before-but you'll get a side-splittin' bellyache after you're through with this hilarious rendition told Wild West-style!

From GoodReads

Review: This story is a fun rendition of Cinderella set in the wild west.  My kids have read this book several times now so they must like it although I don't hear any laughs or giggles during the story.  Perhaps they don't get the wild west humor!  This book is wordy and full of vocabulary, like gumption, and idioms that they are unfamiliar with.  But they still do like the story.  I enjoyed reading a different version of Cinderella and one where Cinderella (Cindy Ellen) had to do something besides look beautiful and dance with the prince.

Rating: 4 stars

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