Monday, October 14, 2013

The Three Horrid Little Pigs

The Three Horrid Little Pigs
by Liz Pichon

Genre: Fairy Tale/Fractured Fairy Tale/Picture Book

Synopsis:  The three horrid little pigs are so horrid, they drive their mother crazy!  So she sends them out to make their own homes.

The first two little pigs build their houses by stealing straw and swiping twigs.  While the third little pig is so lazy that he moves into a chicken coop.

What horrid little pigs!  Will the big friendly wolf help them see the error of their ways?
From the book jacket

Review:  This is a cute story of a very kind, friendly and helpful wolf.  It's always nice to read a story about a nice wolf since they are generally the bad guys!  I really enjoyed the illustrations in this book and the comments that the author included in the pictures and not in the text.  This story is fun to read and fun to listen to.  Kids will get a kick out of it as long as they know the original story and they will love the end where everyone gets along!

Rating: 5 stars

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