Monday, August 11, 2014


by Adam Rex

Genre: Picture book

Synopsis:  What happens when a bunch of animals have been cooped up for too long?  Pssst!  You're about to find out.
from the book jacket

Review:  My kids LOVE this book!  They giggle and giggle and giggle when reading this book.  They actually started to recite it in the car the other day because we had read it so much and they enjoyed it that much!  As an adult, I also enjoyed this book.  There is humor that kids won't get but yet adults will find funny and punny.  The humor is mostly in the illustrations and there are very few words-most are dialogue between the girl who goes to the zoo and the animals that talk to her.  The author/illustrator includes so many small details in the pictures and you need to look at all of them because they are funny!  Definitely an enjoyable book for all ages!

Rating: 5 stars

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