Friday, July 12, 2013

I'll Be Seeing You

I'll Be Seeing You
by Suzanne Palmieri-Hayes and Loretta Nyhan

Genre: Historical Fiction

Synopsis: "I hope this letter gets to you quickly. We are always waiting, aren't we? Perhaps the greatest gift this war has given us is the anticipation..." 

It's January 1943 when Rita Vincenzo receives her first letter from Glory Whitehall. Glory is an effervescent young mother, impulsive and free as a bird. Rita is a sensible professor's wife with a love of gardening and a generous, old soul. Glory comes from New England society; Rita lives in Iowa, trying to make ends meet. They have nothing in common except one powerful bond: the men they love are fighting in a war a world away from home. 

Brought together by an unlikely twist of fate, Glory and Rita begin a remarkable correspondence. The friendship forged by their letters allows them to survive the loneliness and uncertainty of waiting on the home front, and gives them the courage to face the battles raging in their very own backyards. Connected across the country by the lifeline of the written word, each woman finds her life profoundly altered by the other’s unwavering support.

A collaboration of two authors whose own beautiful story mirrors that on the page, I’ll Be Seeing You is a deeply moving union of style and charm. Filled with unforgettable characters and grace, it is a timeless celebration of friendship and the strength and solidarity of women.

From Good Reads

Review: This book is beautifully written.  It's entirely written in letters mainly between Rita and Glory.  They are two women who are war wives and support each other through letters.  It's amazing how close they become just in their letters and how much encouragement and support they can give each other in the form of written words.  This book makes me miss the art of writing letters!  I was amazed to hear that the co-authors have never met and they began writing this book in e-mails to each other!  One of them wrote an e-mail as Glory and the other one created a character and wrote back.  While I've read quite a few books on WWII this one is different because it takes place in the US but it's not about Japanese internment camps.  I felt like I was the recipient of the letters and that I was getting to know about the other person's life, her neighbors, her family and more.  I also appreciated that they passed recipes back and forth, often recipes that they made with few rations.  It was interesting to see how different these recipes are from what we cook now.  I would highly recommend this book!

Rating: 5 stars

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