Tuesday, July 9, 2013


by Beth Kendrick

Genre: Chick Lit

Synopsis: They've had the white dresses and the fancy receptions.  But now that the honeymoon's over, Stella, Casey and Erin have each had to face some hard truths about the men they've married and the lives they've chosen.  So when the news breaks that the pastor who presided over their weddings failed to file a few critical pieces of paper, none of these newlyweds are rushing down to the courthouse to legalize their vows.  Instead, the brides share their hopes, disappointments, and secrets while grappling with that pivotal questions: Should they stay or should they go?
From the book jacket

Review:  This book was a typical chick lit book.  Very light and a quick read.  It was humorous at parts.  But the girls bothered me.  They seemed so young and self centered at times.  They thought their marital troubles were all their husband's faults and not theirs at all.  I thought they were partly to blame for their troubles but the men were the ones who had to do the changing.  I did read this book all in one day so it was good enough to grab my attention.  As Marcie said in another post, maybe she's growing out of chick lit books and maybe I am too unless it's a really well written chick lit book.  There is a Hallmark movie based on this book and I'm going to watch it.  Maybe the movie will be better than the book!

Rating: 2 1/2 stars

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