Sunday, March 15, 2015

Just Grace

Just Grace
by Charise Mericle Harper

Genre: Chapter book

Synopsis:  Here are some things you will find in this book:
1.  Crinkles the cat, at least until he disappears
2.  Fantastic friends like Mimi and the glamorous Augustine Dupre, who is from France.
3.  A boy with some unfortunate habits.
4.  And finally, four girls named Grace, which is entirely three Graces too many.

Here are some things you will not find in this book:
1.  A lost friend.
2.  The world's largest sandwich.
3.  A new neighbor who can do handstands.

Maybe they will be in the next book.  We will have to wait and see.

Natalie and Noah's review: (Noah) I liked the characters because I like what they say.  Grace was my favorite. (Natalie) I liked this book because I liked that there was a cat and the cat pooped in her plants.  I liked the small pictures in the book.  I think people will like the book because there is poop in it and they will think it is funny.

Becky's review:  I have enjoyed pictures books by this author because they are a little quirky and humorous.  I thought the chapter book might be the same way.   The book was definitely quirky but I didn't find humor in this book until towards the end and then it was just a few sentences.  This book was also written in the form of stream of consciousness and was quite difficult to follow along while reading out loud.  There were no chapters but just headings in various places.  There were no ends to any thoughts and the book just rambled on.  I think my kids got bored while listening to the book.  Maybe this book would be better if you are reading it to yourself or if you are much younger!  There wasn't much of a story until part way through the book when the problem finally developed.  I would not discourage my kids to read the book (or the subsequent books) once they are able to read on their own but I am not reading any more out loud.  There is nothing remotely inappropriate in this book and there was a good message.

Natalie and Noah's rating: 5 stars

Becky's rating: 2 stars

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