Saturday, September 6, 2014

Annie and Simon

Annie and Simon
Catharine O'Neill

Annie and Simon: Candlewick Sparks

Genre: Early Chapter Book

Summary (from the publisher):  A chatty little girl and her patient older brother share an easy bond in a charming early chapter book filled with warmth and wry humor.

Annie and Simon: little sister and big, big brother. Annie likes to talk — a lot — about what she’s going to be when she grows up, about the clouds and rain and umbrellas, about picnics in the park and meteors, about loons and canoes and turtles. And Simon is a very good listener. He knows a lot about the stars and the weather, how to fix bee stings, and where to look for loons. He knows a lot about being the kind of big brother that keeps a little sister smiling. Whether they are poking around the garden or paddling through a marsh, curious Annie and patient Simon are siblings who are clearly happy in each other’s company.

Review by Amelia:  This book is pretty good.  It's about a girl named Annie and a boy named Simon.  There are four chapters and each chapter is a different story.  I liked that they were talking about meteors in one chapter and it was funny when Annie did her brother Simon's hair because his hair looked crazy.  I liked that there were a lot of pictures and that the pictures were colorful instead of only black and white and grey like most chapter books.  There's only one thing that I didn't like - that Annie got stung by a bee.

Review by Marcie: This is a cute little book about an imaginative girl who loves to hang out with her responsible older brother.  I would classify it as an early chapter book, although some of the words might be tricky for early readers.  It has a lot of colorful pictures, and not a huge amount of text.  This would be a good read-aloud for a child who is starting to be interested in listening to chapter books; an adult could easily read this book in one sitting before bed time.  

Rating by Amelia: 3 stars (she was anxious to start reading a different book, but I am making her read books of my choice to branch out)

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