Saturday, September 6, 2014

Lady Lollipop

Lady Lollipop
by Dick King-Smith
Illustrated by Jill Barton

Genre: Chapter book

Synopsis: Lollipop is no ordinary pig.  According to her young trainer, Johnny Skinner, she's the smartest pig in the entire kingdom.  When people stare into Lollipop's bright, intelligent eyes, it somehow changes them for the better.  But will Lollipop be able to win over the spoiled Princess Penelope-and her not-so-pig-friendly parents, the King and Queen?
from the book jacket

Natalie's Review: I liked the book because it has a pig in it.  I like pigs and stories about pigs.  I like that the pig was called Lady Lollipop like a candy, it is silly.  The boy is nice and he trained the pig.  He trained to pig to poop by saying "busy."  That was silly.  I liked the pictures.  There were a lot of them.  I liked the whole book.

Becky's review:  This book was pretty simplistic but an easy read aloud book for young children.  The book has plenty of pictures to keep young kids entertained while reading.  There is some old fashioned language in this book which made me think the book was written a while ago (like the 1940s) but this book was written much more recently!  The language might need to be clarified for kids.  At first the main characters are not very likable, Princess Penelope is a spoiled brat and the King and Queen don't do anything about it.  But luckily all the characters get better.  It wasn't the most exciting children's book that I have read but if it entertains my 5 year old, then the book is fine with me!

Natalie's Rating: 5 stars

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