Saturday, September 6, 2014

One Hundred Names

One Hundred Names
by Cecelia Ahern

Genre: Women's Fiction

Synopsis:  Scandal has derailed journalist Kitty Logan's career, a setback that is soon compounded by an even more devastating loss.  Constance, the woman who taught Kitty everything she knew, is dying.  At her mentor's bedside, Kitty asks her, "What is the one story you always wanted to write?"

The answer lies in a single sheet of paper buried in Constance's office-a list of one hundred names-with no notes or explanation.  But before Kitty can ask her friend, it is too late.

Determined to unlock the mystery and rebuild her own shaky confidence.  Kitty throws herself into the investigation, tracking down each of the names on the list and uncovering their connection.  Meeting these ordinary people and learning their stories, Kitty begins to piece together an unexpected portrait of Constance's life...and starts to understand her own.

Review: I was quite intrigued by the premise of this story.  I HAD to know how these people were connected together!  As I started reading, I was slightly turned off to the novel because of the writing style.  It was not well written.  The book was full of full page paragraphs that just rambled on about descriptions of things or people that didn't matter and those paragraphs would be in between pertinent events.  It just didn't flow and in fact, it interrupted the storyline.  As I kept reading, the writing either got better or I was able to ignore it and was swept away by the story of the people that Kitty met.  I really enjoyed the characters she met as part of her story and how she came to care for all of them.  If I could rate this story with two ratings, I would give it a 4 for the story (there were parts of the story that just didn't seem to connect and some parts that seemed unnecessary) and a 2 for the writing.

Rating: 3.5 stars

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