Monday, September 15, 2014

Little Roja Riding Hood

Little Roja Riding Hood
by Susan Middleton Elya
Illustrated by Susan Guevara
Little Roja Riding Hood

Genre: Picture Book, Fractured Fairy Tale

Synopsis: While Roja picks flowers on the way to her grandma's, a mean wolf sneaks away with her cape to surprise Abuelita. But Grandma's no fool and Roja's no ordinary chica. They send that hungry lobo packing with a caliente surprise!

This sassy retelling of Little Red Riding Hood has accessible Spanish rhymes and fresh illustrations, with hip cultural details throughout.

Review:  This was a fun book to read because it introduces Spanish words while the majority of the book is in English.  The rhyme scheme works well, for the most part, making this an easy book to read - as long as you can pronounce the Spanish words!  After reading this book to Megan last week, Aunt Julie approved.  I liked that Little Roja solved the problem of the wolf creatively on her own.  Fun illustrations, too.

Rating:  4 stars

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