Sunday, July 5, 2015

All Fall Down

All Fall Down
by Jennifer Weiner

Genre: Fiction

SynopsisAllison Weiss got her happy ending: a handsome husband, an adorable daughter, a job she loves, and the big house in the suburbs. But while waiting in the pediatrician's office, she opens a magazine to a quiz about addiction and starts to wonder: Is a Percocet at the end of the day really different from a glass of wine? Is it such a bad thing to pop a Vicodin after a brutal Jump & Pump class, or if your husband ignores you? She tells herself that the pills help her make it through her days; but what if her increasing drug use, a habit that's becoming expensive and hard to hide, is turning into her biggest problem of all?

Hailed as "a witty, realistic criticism on the modern age" (Boston Herald), this remarkable story of a woman's fall into addiction and struggle to find her way back up again is Jennifer Weiner's most masterful, moving, and celebrated work yet.
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Review: I had a hard time with this book because I just could not understand Allison's addiction and I found it difficult to have sympathy for her.  At first I really did identify with her as a mom who has a lot going on and is overwhelmed by so many things.  But the more her pill popping went on, I just wanted to reach in the book and give her a big slap.  That was probably the point of the book though-that the person who has the addiction needs to realize herself or himself that there is a problem and want to get some help.  Even when Allison was receiving some help, she still annoyed me for her immature behavior.  I wanted more from the book than just pill popping and a few other story lines were thrown in but not well developed.  I didn't like Allison's husband, Dave, that much either because I couldn't figure him out.  I feel like the story had potential and I did get through the book quickly, there just needed to be more development and less whining from Allison.

Rating: 3 stars

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