Sunday, January 5, 2014


Light: A Gone novel
by Michael Grant

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Dystopian Fiction, Fantasy

Synopsis:  It's been a year since all the adults disappeared.  Gone.

In the time sine every person over the age of fourteen disappeared from the town of Perdido Beach, California, countless battles have been fought: battles against hunger and lies and plague; and epic battles of good against evil.  And now, the gaiaphage has been reborn as Diana's malicious mutant daughter, Gaia.  Gaia is endlessly hungry for destruction.  She yearns to conquer her Nemesis, Little Pete, and then bend the entire world to her warped will.  As long-standing enemies become allies, secrets are revealed and unexpected sacrifices are made.  Will their attempts to save themselves and one another matter in the end, or will the kids of Perdido Beach perish in this final power struggle/

Light, the sixth and final book in the New York Times bestselling Gone series by Michael Grant, creates a masterful, arresting conclusion to life in the FAYZ.
From the book jacket

Review:  I'm a little at a loss of what to say about this book.  It is the dramatic finish to the series that I was looking for.  But there was such tragedy in this book and destruction that made me emotional.  The ending was satisfactory (which means the side that I wanted to win won) but not without much loss of human life.  Gaia was indeed quite the evil character.  I was disappointed by a bit of the aftermath.  I wanted to see everyone connected with their families again but that was not the case.  Perhaps the ending that Michael Grant was more realistic than what I wanted to see happen!  

As for the whole series, it is very addicting and every book is a page turner.  You will be relatively satisfied by the end.  Every book is very long-I don't think any of the books are under 400 pages.  If you read this series, you must be prepared to be in it for the long haul.  You also must be prepared for gruesome and disturbing imagery.  This series is not for the squeamish.

Rating: 3 1/2

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